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late appointments

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Late Appointments with a

psychologist are now available

Our psychologists Jo England and Tina Charles do after hours appointments.

Jo England is a therapist who can work at the emotional level. She sees adults and is warm and supportive in exploring emotional problems. She has been in private practice for many years, has also completed a high level of training and her experience can help with almost any problem. She is particularly skilled in helping people to overcome the effects of childhood trauma. 

Tina Charles is a highly experienced psychologist, who has previously worked in schools, private practice, and corporate settings in a variety of roles. Tina Charles sees children, teenagers and couples. Her therapeutic approach is warm and supportive and she establishes great working relationships with her clients. She has expertise and a passion for working with children and adolescents. Tina uses a variety of evidence-based contemporary therapies, and values an individually tailored approach to therapy. Tina has experience helping families and children manage behavioural issues, anxiety and mood related issues, adjustment issues, trauma and Autism Spectrum Disorder related issues.

She can work with children with disabilities and has special training in the treatment of autism. She is NDIS registered.

Couples looking for relationship counselling can book with Tina.

She did most of her training as a psychologist in WA, but now practices as a psychologist in Adelaide.

New child psychologist

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New Child Psychologist

We are very pleased to announce that Tina Charles is joining Westbourne Park Psychology. She has years of experience of working with children.

You may be a parent seeking a better understanding on how to manage your child’s behaviour. Perhaps your child is having some problems at school. Tina will help you with parenting strategies. She helps parents to help their kids.

Tina sees both children and adolescents. She is now offering appointments at Westbourne Park Psychology.

Find a Psychologist

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Find a Psychologist

This choice is important, as you will want to find a psychologist, who has special skills but at the same time feels normal and approachable. After all, you need to feel that you can tell them …… well anything!

Our psychologists all have different areas of interest, give us a call, tell us who you are and we will help you to find the psychologist who is best for you.

At Westbourne Park Psychology, we employ psychologists who have both high level qualifications and years of experience. They are easy to talk to and all staff at our practice are welcoming. Two of our psychologists offer after hours appointments. Contact our practice and we will talk you through who to choose.

Margaret Mitchell is experienced and a clinical psychologist. She sees adults, couples and teenagers. She runs our Mindfulness Mediation group.

We have one  male psychologists, John Gwiazdzinski who works after hours, on Wednesday night. He is older, experienced and see adults.

Jo England is older, experienced and offers day time and after hours consultations on Monday and Wednesday nights. She see adults, couples, families and teenagers.

Our clinical child psychologist, Dr Michelle McArthur, is in her 30’s and loves working with parents and their children.



After Hours Psychologist

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After Hours Psychologist

In order to help accommodate a busy lifestyle, Westbourne Park Psychology is offering appointments with an after hours psychologist in Adelaide.

We know that sometimes finding the time to take care of yourself is difficult, so feel free to contact our staff on (08) 8272 7885 to find out when we can organise a time for you outside of business hours. Our receptionist will ask for a brief description of your issue so that you can be guided to the best psychologist for you. We have several psychologists at Westbourne Park Psychology. Jo England and John Gwiazdzinski do have some evening appointments on offer.

There is parking available at Westbourne Park psychology in a car park behind the building. You are asked to come to the first appointment, 10 minutes early so that you can complete the paperwork and start your session on time. Sessions are 50 minutes.

You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for your sessions. There is a gap fee of $85.20. Generally psychologists who are experienced and established as good psychologists, do charge a similar gap fee. It is worth the extra to see a good psychologist.

After hours appointments for adults

For adults, Jo England consults at Westbourne Park psychology on Monday and Wednesday evening.

She is able to help people with wide range of problems including depression, anxiety, worrying and recovery from trauma including from childhood abuse.

John Gwiazdzinski works on Wednesday evenings. He also has many years of experience,

Together they offer a broad range of psychological therapy approaches including ACT, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and hypnosis.