Educational Assessment

Educational Assessment

Learning Difficulties Assessment

Educational assessment or a Learning difficulties assessment is a useful thing to do if your child’s progress is not up to the standard of most other children. Usually a problem with your child’s progress will be identified by a teacher. He or she will ask to to get an educational assessment done so that there can be an accurate and objective assessment of your child’s intelligence and the level of his or her achievement in literacy and numeracy at school.

There and many reasons children do not achieve at school. The problem could be low intelligence generally, or good intelligence but the existence of a problem such as dyslexia or other issue. The purpose of the assessment is to let you and your teacher know what the problem is and how to fix it. You and your child will be expected to attend for three hours and during that time, our psychologist will talk to the parents, look at school reports if they are available, and ask the child to do a comprehensive range of testing in numeracy and literacy. He will  be able to tell you most of the results on that day. He is experienced and quickly recognizes the source of the problem. The other purpose of the assessment is to have a written report. The report documents the findings of the assessment and goes back to the school to guide the teacher in managing the child’s learning. The report will identify how well the child is progressing, identify any diagnosis that applies and make recommendations for the teacher about how the child can learn best in the school environment. The report will be posted, usually by 10 days.

Gifted and Talented Children

Gifted and talented children may not be thriving at school, or quite simply are not being offered the challenges that they need to progress to their full potential. A giftedness assessment involves the administration of an accurate intelligence test. The testing session will be for approximately 2 hours during which time, the parent will be interviewed, the child’s intelligence tested and the results will be available. Also the report will outline for the school the measures that could be taken to extend the child’s ability.

Early Entry

Early entry assessments involve testing of intelligence, in the same way as the gifted and talented assessment. The assessment report will make recommendations about the suitability of the child to be granted early entry to school.


The tests that we use are the tests that are recognized across Australia, indeed the world, as the gold standard tests for the measurement of intelligence and numeracy and literacy. Assessment takes time and just cannot be done accurately with tests that are quicker to administer.

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