Find a Psychologist

Find a Psychologist

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Find a Psychologist

This choice is important, as you will want to find a psychologist, who has special skills but at the same time feels normal and approachable. After all, you need to feel that you can tell them …… well anything!

Our psychologists all have different areas of interest, give us a call, tell us who you are and we will help you to find the psychologist who is best for you.

At Westbourne Park Psychology, we employ psychologists who have both high level qualifications and years of experience. They are easy to talk to and all staff at our practice are welcoming. Two of our psychologists offer after hours appointments. Contact our practice and we will talk you through who to choose.

Margaret Mitchell is experienced and a clinical psychologist. She sees adults, couples and teenagers. She runs our Mindfulness Mediation group.

We have one  male psychologists, John Gwiazdzinski who works after hours, on Wednesday night. He is older, experienced and see adults.

Jo England is older, experienced and offers day time and after hours consultations on Monday and Wednesday nights. She see adults, couples, families and teenagers.

Our clinical child psychologist, Dr Michelle McArthur, is in her 30’s and loves working with parents and their children.



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