Panic Attack

Panic Attack

Anxiety and panic attack are the body’s way of responding to challenges and on the positive side it can focus the body and mind. Everyone is  surprised that anxiety can be so physical and the severity can become overwhelming and daunting to face. Many people who call us often feel embarrassed and feel locked into a cycle of self-doubt, low self-worth, and sadness. We understand these feelings and we want you to know that we can help you manage your anxiety.

Common Symptoms of Panic Attack and High Anxiety

When people call us suffering with anxiety and panic attack,  there are many varieties of symptoms for the same problem. Here are just some of the indicators that you may be suffering from anxiety.
•  panic attacks, characterised by a fast beating heart and/or problems with breathing.
• Sleep disorder
• Use of alcohol / food / pain killers to medicate anxiety
• Avoidance of going out and cancelling appointments
• Inability to concentrate at work
• Mood swings
• A feeling of going crazy or unreal and hide these feelings from their friends and family
• Fatigues and feeling overwhelmed with life

If you are suffering from any of these issues or if you are feeling anxious in other ways please do call us and we can chat about your situation and offer you some support.

Personalised treatment plans for Anxiety and Panic Attack

After talking through your problems, your psychologist will then be able to suggest a treatment plan designed around your specific needs. This may include:

• Psychotherapy: addressing root causes and management strategies
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): learning ways of changing your responses
• Mindfulness: control through knowledge and self-awareness

Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist?

With at treatment program by a psychologist you have a very high chance of recovery.

  • One in ten people in their lifetime suffer from at least one panic attack.
  • You may have very strong will power but have fallen into anxiety traps. Discover how your best attempts are working against you.
  • The treatment of choice is a treatment program delivered by a psychologist.
  • Outcome research shows that the success rate of treatment for high anxiety is 80 – 90%
  • Recovery can be complete.

All of our psychologists have the highest level of training in how to treat anxiety and panic attack.