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Adelaide Psychologist after hours

Are you looking to book in with an Adelaide psychologist? At Westbourne Park Psychology, our psychologists give high quality therapy sessions, backed by extensive training and experience.

Our compassionate psychologists work with people with anxiety, depression, relationship and family problems, as well as a variety of other areas. No matter what difficulties you are experiencing, one of our psychologists will be more than suitable for you. Our practice staff are friendly and will be happy to answer your questions. You will be informed about costs before you make an appointment.

Margaret Mitchell

Margaret sees adults, couples and adolescents.  Margaret is  endorsed as a clinical psychologist and sees clients with problems of anxiety, depression and a wide range of other disorders.

Hilary Stein

Hilary Stein has twenty five years’ experience in Adelaide, Perth, regional Western Australia and London, in adult clinical psychology and child psychology. She has worked in hospital, outpatient, inpatient, community and private practice environments. She has facilitated resolution of personal struggles for adults, families and children within community and private practice environments.

Jo England

Joanne sees adults and is warm and supportive in exploring emotional problems. She has been in private practice for many years, has also completed a high level of training and her experience can help with almost any problem. She is particularly skilled in helping people to overcome the effects of childhood trauma. Many clients appreciate that she offers after-hours appointments.

John Gwiazdzinski

John brings many years of experience as a psychologist to the table. The focus of his interest is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma recovery. He has worked in several demanding roles with people exposed to highly stressful situations. John offers after-hours appointments.

Susan Bankes

Susan Bankes has extensive experience in all aspects of organisational psychology. She offers career assessment and counselling in career change at all levels. She is skilled in managing situations in the workplace that include bullying, interpersonal conflict and dealing with difficult people.

Michael Waterman

Michael has many years’ experience working in the many facets of mental health with a special interest in learning difficulties in children. He would be happy to assist you in any area. Please feel free to contact him to discuss your situation.


Booking an Appointment

If you would like to book in to see an Adelaide psychologist, our receptionist will help you to find the Westbourne Park psychologist with an interest in your area where help is needed. Email us on or call us on (08) 8272 7885. Monday – Wednesday we are open until 7.00 pm. You can also request an appointment through this page.