Jo England – psychologist Psychologist

Jo England – Psychologist

Jo England is a psychologist who sees adults. She began working in private practice 16 years ago in a community hospital as part of a Division of General Practice. The therapies she provides are those recognised and valued by the medical professionals. She collaborates with in your care such as CBT, Mindfulness and Interpersonal Psychotherapy and short term intensive psychodynamic therapy.

Jo uses a dynamic therapeutic approach, and attunes to people who visit her for help. She believes that we were all born within a relationship, and she believes we all grow and heal with self-reflection within the context of a safe alliance – independent of which therapy is used.

She works gently with trauma in all its forms, working with not only people suffering from acute traumatic episodes, but with people and children who experience chronic levels of trauma from an early age. This may take the form of moderate to longer term therapy. Additionally, she has had extra training in somatic mental health problems.

She uses EMDR therapy for managing pain, and for helping decrease the cravings for unhealthy eating. This can help with managing diabetes and other health related problems. She also helps people in the grief process, as this is a significant life transition where we need support.

Jo works with your medical practitioner very closely, where this is helpful. She spent 8 years in private practice in Canberra, but now is a full time psychologist in Adelaide. She offers after hours appointments.


  • Masters of Ed. Psychology. Charles Sturt University. NSW. (Distinction grade for research thesis from School of Psychology)
  • Psychology in Health and Medicine and Therapy with Children  taken from the APS accredited Clinical  Psychology Masters course.
  • Graduate Diploma of  Counselling (4th year Australian Psychological Society accredited Psychology Qualification). Charles Sturt University. NSW.
  • B.A (Psych) Finders University of South Australia.


  • Eight years in full time private practice – Canberra
  • Psychologist with Dept. of Paediatric Medicine. Acute Care and In-patient follow-up. The Canberra Hospital.
  • Independent Practice  out of Blackwood Hospital as part of a team working with the Southern Division of General Practice (S.A) Better Access program, collaborating with GPs and Paediatricians.
  • Psychologist for Southern Division of General Practice in regional centres.
  • Early Childhood Psychologist, Dept. Education and Children’s Services, South Australia.
  • School Psychologist with New South Wales Dept of Education and Training.

Areas of Work


  • Therapy for personal development
  • Issues arising from childhood trauma, complex trauma
  • Anxiety disorders – Panic Disorder, PTSD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, OCD
  • Stress and Adjustment problems
  • Depression, including Bipolar Disorder
  • Grief and loss
  • Anger management
  • Chronic health conditions including fibromyalgia

Treatment Approaches