Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Adelaide

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT Adelaide


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (commonly referred to as CBT) combines two treatment approaches – Cognitive Therapy and Behaviour Therapy – which are based on different ideas about how psychological problems start and how they can be fixed. Cognitive Therapy sees thoughts as the cause of problems, and assumes that well-being can be improved by changing habits of thought. Behaviour Therapy, on the other hand, views our patterns of behaviour as the cause of our distress, and encourages people to develop new behaviour patterns to improve their mental state.

Whilst each therapy is effective on its own, combining Cognitive Therapy and Behaviour Therapy into CBT has produced a therapy approach which is the gold standard for many psychological disorders. CBT assumes that our thoughts (cognitions) and behaviours can influence each other, as well as our emotions, and therefore our mental well-being. Therapy aims to disrupt the maladaptive patterns of thought and behaviour that cause distress or poor functioning, and to replace these with more adaptive patterns, which promote mental well-being.


Treatment Strategies in CBT

CBT is a very collaborative approach to therapy, requiring that you and your psychologist work together to find ways to improve your patterns of thought and behaviour. Although CBT has a strong basis of treatment strategies and theories, it is also very individualised, so it is tailored to your unique situation. The following are some of the treatment strategies commonly used:

  • Psychoeducation (providing information about mental health conditions, symptoms, etc.)
  • Identifying and challenging thoughts (e.g. by listing evidence for and against a belief)
  • Uncovering schemas (core beliefs which affect the way we view and interpret events)
  • Role play or rehearsal
  • Activity or pleasant event scheduling (to increase desired behaviours)
  • Relaxation training
  • Breathing techniques
  • Systematic desensitisation (creating a hierarchy of feared/avoided situations and working through them systematically, using relaxation techniques to increase comfort at each stage)


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in Adelaide

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