Educational Assessment

Educational Assessment in Adelaide

Our educational assessments are now being booked Caitlin Waldie and Marnie Stewart.

Learning Difficulties Assessment

There are many reasons that a child may not be achieving to his or her full potential.  An educational psychologist can make a comprehensive assessment of your child’s abilities with the aim of finding out why achievement is difficult for your child and what steps can be taken to best allow the child to adjust to the school setting.  The two psychological assessments will be the WISC and the WIAT, two comprehensive assessments of the child’s intelligence and academic progress so far.  These assessments compare the child’s intelligence, or potential to achieve, with  actual achievement.

An educational assessment consists of a 30 min phone consultation with a the parent, 2 x 2  hour testing sessions and a report. A telephone or Zoom meeting will be available to discuss the results.

Gifted and Talented Children

Gifted and talented children may not be thriving at school, or may simply not be offered the challenges that they need to progress to their full potential. A Giftedness Assessment involves the administration of an accurate intelligence test. The testing session will be for approximately 2 hours, during which time the parent will be interviewed, the child’s intelligence tested and the results will be available. Also, the report will outline for the school the measures that could be taken to extend the child’s ability.

Tests Used in the Assessments

The tests that we use are those that are recognized across Australia, indeed across the world, as the gold standard tests for the measurement of intelligence and numeracy and literacy. Assessment takes time and just cannot be done accurately with tests that are quicker to administer.

Booking an Assessment

Caitlin and Marnie’s educational assessment at Westbourne Park Psychology:

What and when? What does it involve?
Parent interview via phone (time TBC) ·       Parent to email through any relevant reports/documents

·       30 minute phone call between parent

Testing session #1 ·       2 hours on a Saturday
Testing session #2 ·       2 hours (a fortnight from the Saturday of the first test)
Report and feedback via phone or zoom (approximately 4 weeks after testing session #2) ·       30 minute zoom or phone call included in assessment price

·       If parents would like a face to face follow up session to further discuss the assessment results, an additional session fee will be charged. As it is not included in the pricing

Call Westbourne Park Psychology (08) 82727885 for information about cost. We have appointments available now.