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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be considered a skill or ability. When someone is being mindful, they are paying attention to the present moment. Aspects of the present moment that a person will notice include immediate sensations, the task or action a person is undertaking, or what others are doing around them. Paying special attention to what is happening now can help to prevent us from growing anxious about what will happen, or feeling upset over things that have previously happened.

In being mindful of the present moment, a person will notice their sensations, perceptions and emotions, but will not get overwhelmed or carried away by them. Everyone has the ability to live more mindfully, and there are a number of ways that a person can improve their ability to be mindful. Some popular techniques for practising Mindfulness include various types of meditation and more active options such as yoga.

Many people enjoy practising Mindfulness because it gives them an opportunity to disengage from their busy lives and racing mind, giving them a moment to themselves. The judgement-free nature of the practice can provide a sense of relief from one’s own inner monologue, as well as the expectations and criticisms of others. It can also give people a greater sense of control over their emotions and reactions, and make them more aware of changes in their body both during and after a mindful moment.

Mindfulness at Westbourne Park Psychology

Our psychologists integrate the Mindfulness approach with tried and true conventional therapeutic approaches. Meditation is a skill taught by many people, but when used in treatment of anxiety or depression or other psychological problem, it is best to learn this skill with a psychologist. Psychologists are trained in the treatment approaches that have been found to be successful for psychological disorders, so can treat your presenting problem from more than one angle.

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