Margaret Mitchell – Clinical Psychologist Clinical Psychologist

Margaret Mitchell – Clinical Psychologist

Margaret Mitchell is a Clinical Psychologist endorsed to provide clinical psychology services under Medicare. She sees both adults and adolescents, and combines a warm and personable manner with a best practise approach to therapy.

Margaret is a mature-aged person who is kind and accepting of people, regardless of the nature of their problems. For many years she ran her own remedial massage practice. She is committed to using psychology approaches that are professional and supported by outcome research.

She takes a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach, enriched with Mindfulness and Meta-Cognitive Therapy, adapting strategies flexibly to suit the individual in the particular context of their life. Margaret has a special interest in Mindfulness.

Despite our best efforts, many stressful life events and changes may overwhelm our usual coping strategies leaving us feeling uncertain about how best to manage. Over time we may find that our ability to function at work or in our relationships is reduced. Sometimes unresolved grief or trauma experienced in the past may be affecting our capacity to function as we would like in the present.

Margaret works in a collaborative manner to help people identify how their problem is being maintained and how they can take effective steps to create change in their lives and move towards achieving their goals.

Using evidence based approaches, she offers therapy for people suffering from stress, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks, depression, conflict in their relationships at home or work, and for a range of mental health disorders. She has worked as an Adelaide psychologist for over 6 years.

 Clinical Psychologist

Treatment Approaches

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours, First Class)
  • Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia
  • Endorsed to practice clinical psychology by the Psychology Board of Australia
  • Member of the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy