Telehealth Psychologist Service

Looking for a telehealth psychologist in Adelaide?

Westbourne Park Psychology is here to help.

You can now see a telehealth psychologist from the comfort of your own home, using Zoom.  If you have a mental health care plan you can obtain Medicare rebates for online therapy. Research shows that therapy is just as effective as attending at the office.

What is a Telehealth Psychologist?

A Telehealth psychologist simply talks to you on line using Zoom instead of you coming to the office to meet your psychologist.

Booking and Payment

Medicare rebates apply. We welcome phone or email inquiries, if you have any questions about how to talk to a telehealth psychologist in Adelaide. Our receptionists can provide more information about the practice and assist you to make a booking. You can reach us on (08) 8272 7885 or by email at

We ask that you pre-pay for appointments either by giving your credit or debit card details over the phone, or by directly depositing into our bank account. Please feel free to discuss these options with one of our friendly receptionists.

Questions You May Have

How do I create a videoconferencing link?

Appointments can be conducted over a free videocalling program, Zoom, similar to Skype. Most people are familiar with this technology because it is very widely used, and can be downloaded onto a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Can I have a telehealth appointment with a psychologist if I do not have a GP referral or mental health care plan?

You certainly may, however the Medicare rebate will not apply. You can use private health cover or WorkCover for telehealth consults.