WorkCover Psychologist

John Gwiadzdwinski, being a WorkCover Psychologist, has a wealth of personal experience in work places so does understand how, stress at work can occur. Importantly he also can advise the worker on how to manage stress. He will work with you and your employer in order to best resolve the claim. He can also visit workplaces and work with claims agents and rehabilitation coordinators.

The experience of stress in the workplace can be surprisingly severe, and can have any one of several causes. In many work places there are multiple causes. What the have in common that is often the worker does not have control over events of people that are causing the stress.

Trauma can occur in almost any work place, but more especially in high stress environments such as the armed forces and prisons. John has worked in both of these environments and generally speaking is well versed in supplying strategies for coping with high stress environments.

Bullying, especially over a period of time is demoralizing and leads to low self esteem and other symptoms of stress. Just plain a demand for working harder that you can work, i.e. work overload, when there is no control over the demand can also lead to severe symptoms of stress. These are just a few of the situations that can lead to the experience of symptoms of stress.

Chronic pain arising from a WorkCover injury, particularly in context of a long recovery time is a very stressful experience.

Symptoms of Stress

Loss of emotional control, (bursting into tears or outbursts of anger),

  • Inability to relax and disruption to sleep patterns
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Panic attacks, anxiety – particularly free floating anxiety
  • Constant worrying and inability to experience joy
  • Withdrawal from others, feeling alone
  • Loss of motivation, feeling depressed
  • Low self esteem
  • Feeling helpless

You are not Alone

It can be very helpful to talk to a WorkCover psychologist, who will go through all of your options with you.