Experienced Psychologists, Tailored Approaches

After-Hours Psychologist in Adelaide

At Westbourne Park Psychology, our psychologists are available to give you high quality therapy sessions. We see adults, couples, adolescents, children and families. If you are looking for day time or after-hours psychologist in Adelaide, you need look no further. We are doing all we can to keep you Covid safe when you visit our practice. 

We aim to maintain our practice as a COVID-free space, for staff and patient safety. We will  ask that our clients who attend the practice, to show proof of double vaccination or an exemption. If you have not been or are unable to be vaccinated, please discuss this with your psychologist or reception. We are committed to providing treatment for you, probably by offering telehealth consultations.

Children’s therapy will continue with the vaccination precautions applying to the adults that accompany them.

If you feel that you are at risk, should you attend the practice, we can offer telehealth consultations to you. We take every precaution possible to reduce the risk for all parties whilst still providing treatment to everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation in reducing the risk of COVID transmission to our staff and/or other clients.

What to Expect From Your Appointments

Your psychologist will spend the first session getting to know you, listening to your concerns, assessing your situation and helping you to sort out how you feel and think. There are many different methods that they can use, and they will select from these methods, based on your unique personality and needs.

Different people will need to come for a different number of sessions to address their concerns. The number and frequency of sessions needed will depend on many factors, including the severity of the concern, your availability to come in, and whether there is a single concern or more complex, intertwining concerns. Your psychologist will discuss a treatment plan with you, and how often you should attend sessions, and the approach may change over the course of therapy.

Talking on its own does help, but a psychologist will take it further than that by creating a treatment plan and teaching you strategies that can be used to help you reach your personal goals. The treatment plans and strategies that psychologists use are backed by outcome research. Our psychologists and support staff maintain the highest level of professional conduct, and provide a service that is understanding, non-judgmental and confidential.

Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist

We are likely to be able to help you with almost any problem, from treating symptoms of a mental health diagnosis to assisting you to manage interpersonal issues or individual challenges to well-being. Our psychologists have done the clinical training needed to learn the treatment programs that have a high rate of success for symptoms of anxiety, depression and many other mental health issues. Evaluation studies show that psychological treatment programs have better outcomes than just talking, so contact us today, and take the first step towards better mental well-being.

Booking an Appointment

Our receptionists are happy to talk to you about our psychologists. They will help you to find the best psychologist to suit your needs, if you are unsure of whom to book in with. They can also give you more information about costs and can update you on each psychologist’s current availability. So, feel free to contact us today for more information, or request an appointment with an Adelaide psychologist at Westbourne Park Psychology.