Educational Assessment in Adelaide

Educational Psychologist Assessment in Adelaide 

Our educational assessments are now being booked with psychologists at Rose Park Psychology as Westbourne Park Psychology has amalgamated with that practice. Saturday appointments are available at Rose Park Psychology. 

See the Rose Park Psychology page for educational assessments

Learning Difficulties Assessment

There are many reasons that a child may not be achieving his or her full potential.  An educational psychologist can make a comprehensive assessment of your child’s abilities with the aim of finding out why achievement is difficult for your child and what steps can be taken to best allow the child to adjust to the school setting.  The two psychological assessments will be the WISC and the WIAT, two comprehensive assessments of the child’s intelligence and academic progress so far.  These assessments compare the child’s intelligence, or potential to achieve, with actual achievement.

An educational assessment consists of an initial meeting with a parent/carer, 2 x 2-hour testing sessions, a report and a debriefing session to discuss the results of the assessment and what adjustments may need to be made.

Gifted and Talented Children

Gifted and talented children may not be thriving at school or may simply not be offered the challenges that they need to progress to their full potential. A Giftedness Assessment involves the administration of an accurate intelligence test. The testing session will be for approximately 2 hours, during which time the parent will be interviewed, the child’s intelligence tested, and the results will be available. Also, the report will outline for the school the measures that could be taken to extend the child’s ability.

Tests Used in the Assessments

The tests that we use are those that are recognized across Australia, indeed across the world, as the gold standard tests for the measurement of intelligence and numeracy and literacy. Assessment takes time and just cannot be done accurately with tests that are quicker to administer.

Booking an Assessment

You may not know where to begin and even feel anxious, but we pride ourselves on being friendly and warm with our clients. We’ll help manage all your concerns and any feelings of doubt because the first step is always the hardest. Our receptionists are happy to talk to you about our psychologists. They will help you to find the best psychologist to suit your needs if you are unsure of whom to book in with. We are also fully transparent and forthcoming with information about the costs involved in consultations and will ensure that you have the full picture before confirming anything. 

What and when?What does it involve?
Parent interview in office (Rose Park( or Zoom)
  • Parent to email through any relevant reports/documents
Testing session #1
  • 2 hours 
Testing session #2
  • 2 hours   
Report and feedback v (approximately 4 weeks after testing session #2)
  • can be done online


Book an Appointment

If you would like to book in to see an Adelaide psychologist, our receptionist will help you to find the  psychologist with an interest in your area where help is needed. Westbourne Park Psychology has now amalgamated with Rose Park Psychology. To see the psychologists who treat panic attacks please follow this link to Rose Park Psychology

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