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Westbourne Park Psychology is a reliable and well-reputed psychology practice in Adelaide. We have a team of qualified and experienced psychologists who have wide expertise in several areas of psychology, and see adults, couples, adolescents and children. We are located in Westbourne Park and service all suburbs in Adelaide

About Adjustment Disorder

Adjustment disorder is identified in people who typically exhibit extreme responses to certain situations or events. Such situations are usually stressors that trigger maladaptive responses in people suffering from adjustment disorders. A maladaptive response is when your response to a situation or the people in it, make the problem worse – not better. Let us take a detailed look at its causes, symptoms, and treatments.


Adjustment issues can be triggered by any stressful event that overwhelms a persons ability to cope. It could be the loss of a loved one, a relationship issue, financial issues, work issues, or any such event that challenges your ability to cope. Children also exhibit adjustment disorders that could be triggered by problems at school, serious health issues, etc.


Usually the symptoms include frequent crying, feeling sad and hopeless, experiencing anxiety, being irritable, and having trouble sleeping, eating, or concentrating. There are more telltale signs of adjustment disorders, which vary from person to person depending on how they react to situations.


If you are not coping, you can to see a psychologist who is qualified to diagnose and treat adjustment disorders. A psychologist can talk to you, let you know if there is a problem, and proceed with the treatment. Treatment techniques have been well researched and we offer a range of approaches. The important thing is that you can move forward having learned new coping skills, that you can continue to apply in the long term.

Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist

Right Diagnosis

Adjustment disorders, are usually diagnosed by your GP, and he or she may give a mental health care plan so that you can access the Medicare rebate. Adjustment disorders typically respond well to an intervention that teaches a new way of understanding your situation and new ways of coping and responding to events in your life. You can attend to see a psychologist without seeing a GP, by just using private health cover rebates or simply just paying the fee.

Effective Techniques based on Evidence-Based Treatment

Evidence based treatments. (treatments that research has shown to be effective), are always adopted by our psychologists. Adjustment disorder psychologists can employ the right kind of technique for you to treat your problem. They can effectively provide CBT, ACT, mindfulness, and other interventions to intervene with your adjustment problem. See our psychologists profiles to see the treatment approaches that they use. From individual treatments to family therapy, adjustment disorder psychologists can carry them out efficiently.

Individualised Treatment Plans

A huge benefit of seeing a psychologist for your adjustment disorder is that you are given individualised treatments. There is no blanket rule on therapy interventions, and our interventions are personalised, delivered by an adjustment disorder psychologist.

Effective Counselling

Adjustment disorder psychologists are qualified and experienced to provide therapy and can lead the sessions carefully towards addressing the problem.

Safe Space

By far the biggest advantage of seeing a psychologist is the space to speak about your experiences, fears, inhibitions, preferences, opinions, etc. without worrying about being judged. Our psychologists aim for you to feel safe enough to share your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. This is the case when dealing with the whole range of problems, including adjustment disorders.

Why Choose Westbourne Park Psychology

Trusted Team

The team of psychologists at Westbourne Park Psychology aim to be approachable and trustworthy. They aim to understand you, your situation, and to provide that safe space, followed by intervention strategies.

Qualified and Experienced Psychologists

We have a team of qualified and experienced psychologists. Our experience helps us attend to our patients depending on their individual needs and guide them towards recovery.

Individualised Treatments

We understand that every person is unique. The way a person copes can be effected by their life experiences, their family background or any influential experience, including trauma. Our psychologists decide on the treatment based on the needs of each individual patient. Having understood, they can draw on their knowledge of psychology and the interventions that they learned in their training.

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Our team at Westbourne Park Psychology is quite the right team for most mental health issues. From diagnosing and counselling to treating and recovering, we aim to assist you all the way. This makes us one of the most dependable adjustment disorder psychologists in Adelaide.

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