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Bullying of Children.  Do you suspect that your kid is subjected to constant bullying in school or that your child is not able to get past the trauma? Your kid is not the only one! Westbourne Park Psychology helps parents and children with strategies to cope with and process the problems of having being bullied.  We aim to address the low self-esteem that follows bullying. Our highly qualified and experienced bullying psychologists in Adelaide are empathetic and have the time and interest to listen to the problem.


Bullying does not only affect children. Bullying is endemic in some work places. We offer strategies for how to handle bullying and combat the non assertiveness and low self esteem that accompanies being a victim.


We make sure that you feel at ease with us and share everything so that we can come up with a tailored therapy session to address the issues. Our team is devoted to ensuring that you have a healthy life, devoid of any mental health conditions. We treat people of different ages and help you deal with grief and loss, abuse experiences, acute stress, addictions, conflicts, anger, etc.


Although we are based out of Westbourne Park, we offer our services in all the suburbs of Adelaide. Patients from Cumberland Park, Kings Park, Hawthorn, etc., visit our clinic for effective solutions.


About Bullying

Bullying simply refers to the act of using aggressive behaviour to cause distress intentionally and repeatedly to someone or a group through actions or words. Social exclusion can also be used and is a powerful weapon. Although typical in schools, or colleges, bullying can also occur at workplaces or between siblings.


When is it Considered Bullying?

It is considered bullying when there is an imbalance of power (physical strength, popularity, etc.) and it is repetitive in nature. Both the bullied and the bully have critical and lasting problems.


What are the Various Types of Bullying?

Bullying can take various forms. It can be direct or covert.


Verbal Bullying: 

These include words that make you embarrassed, upset, or angry. For instance, taunting, teasing, inappropriate sexual comments, etc.


Social Bullying:

This involves hurting someone’s reputation. For example, embarrassing someone in public, telling children not to be friends with a person, leaving out someone on purpose, etc.


Physical Bullying:

This type of bullying is aimed at hurting a person’s possessions or body. For instance, physical intimidation, kicking, hitting, spitting, tripping, etc.



This occurs through online media, like Facebook, Instagram, Instant Messaging, etc. It involves, tarnishing one’s reputation online, uploading personal materials or photoshopped images or clips without consent, which leads to widespread derision.


What are the Direct Symptoms of Bullying?

A victim of bullying experiences serious emotional consequences because of constant harassment, ridicule, verbal abuse, or physical aggression.

Usually, kids who are subjected to bullying feel lonely, sad, nervous, and scared, which leads to a decline in school performance.

 Adults can suffer the symptoms of chronic stress. All of our psychologists can work with you to address bullying in your life. Jo England is our psychologist who can assist with WorkCover claims. 

What are the Causes of Bullying?

The bully or aggressor might not showcase a serious personality disorder. But he or she exhibits psychopathology, which signifies an absence of empathy and an inability to view reality. 


What is the Treatment for Bullying?

A bullied victim can benefit from psychological therapy to conquer the negative effects endured, and handle similar instances in the future. At Westbourne Park Psychology, we offer advice and encouragement to combat self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and trauma.     


Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist

There are several advantages to consulting our bullying psychologists in Adelaide or our other highly sought-after specialists.


A Dissection of the Issues

If you fail to understand your emotions,it is worth seeing a trained psychologist. Psychotherapy offers you a safe space where you can convey what’s troubling you without getting judged.


Getting a New Perspective

Often, we refuse to assess the various sides of a problem, which makes us focus on only one aspect, making us more miserable. A psychologist gives you a rational view of the situation you face, without letting depression or anxiety cloud your judgement.


Identification of Patterns

Patients rarely monitor their behaviours, conversations, or interactions with others. A qualified psychologist is adept at analysing common patterns that lead to ritualised behaviours, stress, BPD, and more. We develop customised coping strategies to help you handle difficult situations.


Change in Cognitive Processing

As per American Psychiatric Association reports, regular talk therapy alters the way you view and judge things around you. This is especially true if you are subjected to bullying, PTSD, panic disorder, etc.


Evidence-Based Treatment

Psychologists provide tailored solutions, backed by research and testing, to help you deal with various mental disorders. These include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, etc.


Preparing for the Future

Working on yourself is crucial to steer clear of potential triggers, keep your self-esteem high, and have a healthy future. For instance, our bullying psychologists in Adelaide help you share and process painful feelings, and share advice on dealing with similar instances in the future.


Why Choose Westbourne Park Psychology?

Most patients choose Westbourne Park Psychology due to the reasons stated below:


Experienced Psychologists

At Westbourne Park Psychology, you get consultations from highly trained and experienced psychologists. We undergo frequent training to stay updated with the latest developments and implement them in our practices for better outcomes.


Taylored Approaches 

No two patients are alike. When you visit us, we listen carefully to your issues, and based on an assessment of your behaviours, interactions, and personality traits, we recommend tailored therapies.


Therapy for Patients of All Ages

We cater to patients of various ages. Due to our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we can anticipate the types of mental disorders adults, children, teenagers, couples, and aged people face.


Wide Area of Expertise

Apart from seeking the help of bullying psychologists in Adelaide, you can also reach out to us for a wide range of mental health conditions. These include anxiety, depression, social phobia, trauma, ASD, ADHD, self-harm and suicidal thinking, panic attacks, etc.



We understand that the patients who visit us are nervous, stressed, and have a wide array of issues. Our team is extremely compassionate, and we are easy to talk to. You can share your feelings, without any hesitation, as we maintain strict confidentiality.



Bullying Psychologists in Adelaide

If you are looking for reliable and trained psychologists in Adelaide, then look no further than Westbourne Park Psychology. We specialise in various psychology services and have assisted countless patients over the years.


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