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Depression is one of the most common mental health issues that people across the world deal with, including Australia. Many are able to seek help in time, while many others are unable to for a variety of reasons. However, living a life as a depressed person is quite a challenge, one that no one deserves to bear. If you are someone with depression in Adelaide, we are here for you. Westbourne Park Psychology is the most trusted clinic in the area for those seeking a treatment programme from our psychologist in Adelaide. Our practice is located in Westbourne Park and attracts clients from all suburbs in Adelaide.



Read on to find out more about depression. Depression is a mental health condition in which a person feels a constellation of symptoms for an extended period of time. While everyone deals with being down, but if those feelings persist, chances are that you are depressed.



Depression can be a stand-alone problem, in some people, seemingly developing for no particular reason. Depression is a label given to a collection of symptoms. There are many possibilities for the causation of depression. Often it can be attributed to problems in social relationships, past trauma or chronic stress.


Feelings of sadness and despair are often the most visible symptoms of depression. There my be an inability to regulate your emotions, fatigue and constant negative thoughts.


Some people feel nothing, feeling that there is no joy in life and they are trudging on from one day to the next. They have difficulty identifying that they have any feelings at all.


Others will feel sadness and despair, accompanies by crying or feeling down. Thoughts are negative and their attitude to life is very pessimistic. They may feel overwhelmed, constant fatigue, reduced enthusiasm and productivity, interrupted, (either less or more) sleep, or frequent or early wakening. There can be loss of appetite, over eating, and general disruption of a healthy lifestyle. 


Depression can accompany bipolar disorder, cyclothymic disorder, dysthymic disorder, perinatal and postpartum depression, trauma, PTSD, continued stress, neurodivergence, seasonal depression, substance abuse, etc. The best way to diagnose the cause is to visit a psychologist.




A psychologist can help you deal with your depression, diagnose the issue, and suggest methods to improve your mental health. Even small changes in lifestyle like exercise and diet, adequate sleep, avoiding triggers, and positive affirmations can help. Your psychologist will offer support in this, however the main form of therapy is through working with your feelings and thoughts offering an evidence based treatment program.


Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist


A major fear that people with depression, have, is that they will be judged severely for their inability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, a psychologist never makes you feel judged and ensures that you are comfortable opening up and seeking help.


You Get a Third-Party Perspective

Sometimes, being too close to the case, it is difficult or even impossible for you to understand the extent of damage that your depression is causing you. A psychologist can provide the third-party perspective needed to analyse your situation and seek the help that you truly deserve.


Confidentiality is Assured

Doctor-patient privilege dictates that any discussion you have with your psychologist stays within the room. This gives you the freedom to talk about anything bothering you without any worry or fear. Anything you say remains between you and your therapist.


Why Choose Westbourne Park Psychology

Westbourne Park Psychology is a good choice for depression psychologists in Adelaide. We have highly qualified and experienced psychologists who are fully trained and equipped to help you deal with your depression. They use the best therapy techniques and resources in the field to give you the assistance you desperately need.


Therapy for Everyone

Depression can affect people of all ages. However, how they affect you would be different. Our psychologists are trained to deal with depression in people of all ages from a child to an elderly person. No matter what your age, you can come to us for help.


Tailored Treatment

Every individual is different and requires help specific to their problems and needs. Our psychologists understand that and make sure that the treatment you receive is tailored specifically to your requirements.



If you are dealing with depression in Adelaide, don’t wait any longer. Visit us at Westbourne Park Psychology. You can email us at, call us at (08) 8272 7885, or visit our website.

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